The advances in, and availability of information, technology and the abundance of opportunities that the world offers in the 21st Century, illustrate the need for accurate and professional tools which will be of assistance in navigating our way through a sea of challenges “Time is Money” is the rule of thumb, and is certainly so when one is dealing with legal issues. When Alexandra Rashkovsky thought about embarking on a legal career, this was the motto that motivated her. The more she acquired know-how and experience in her field, so did her private and business clients also reap the benefits of the investment and professionalism deriving from this. Advocate Rashkovsky is vastly experienced in the fields of civil and commercial law, in public law and in administrative law, in dealing with Petitions to the High Court of Justice and with administrative petitions in the public sector, in providing legal advice concerning the drafting of various draft laws (parliamentary bills). Her love for the profession of the practice of law in general and for her field of expertise in particular, her analytical abilities, her linguistic and social proficiencies, her wide-ranging contacts, her ability to think “outside the box” and see the broad picture as well as the profound range of knowledge at her disposal, are the added value from which her clients derive the benefit, in coming to resolve various complex issues and disputes. 

Clients of the Office receive close and personal legal oversight at every stage with commitment, devotion, uncompromising quality of work and availability on a 24/7 basis.

Services provided by the Office

Time frame

In the business world, adherence to time-lines is essential. There are times when the timeframe for completing a transaction, an acquisition or merger is very narrow. Accordingly, the team makes every effort to be available for its clients in the most beneficial way, to adapt the legal service to the individual needs of each client and to provide an adequate solution to time constraints.

Communication and Language

Advocate Rashkovsky is fluent in three languages on a mother-tongue level: Hebrew, Russian and English. These capabilities assist her in discerning the many nuances of vital importance, without missing “the small print” when meticulously analyzing any draft contract, agreements, the text of statutes and law of foreign countries, and so forth.

International Transactions

The extensive range of contacts she has created in the international arena, the vast experience she has accumulated in the provision of comprehensive legal services on cross-continental topics and her familiarity with the different cultural and social codes of conduct, constitutes a significant advantage in this field and enables Advocate Rashkovsky to represent her clients in complex international transactions.

Team of Experts

The Office is engaged in productive and day-to-day collaboration with a diverse range of experts both in Israel and worldwide, including financial advisers, media advisors, lobbyists, leading detective and investigation agencies and translators in all languages.

Thanks to her clients, and to her business partners, Advocate Alexandra Rashkovsky has created many local and international contacts, which are of assistance to her in providing a comprehensive legal service to her clients in relation to complex cross-continental matters.

Our Office provides advice/ legal representation in a diverse range of proceedings in terms of civil and commercial litigation (in the local and international markets), and administrative law, before all legal instances and judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, on a wide arc of issues; company law, non-profit societies, contract law, property law, banking, consumer related matters, financial disputes, defamation, protection of privacy, and others.


The Office’s clients receive personal legal oversight and attention, in which Advocate Alexandra Rashkovsky plays a leading role with support from a professional team committed to quality of service to the highest standards that she sets: meticulous accuracy and punctuality, professional integrity, loyalty and respect for the client. 

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