Alexandra Rashkovsky

Advocate Rashkovsky represents her private and business clients before all legal instances and judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, in a range of commercial and civil litigation proceedings and in a wide range of areas: company law, non-profit societies, contract law, property law, banking, consumer affairs, financial disputes, defamation, protection of privacy and others.


Her work with her clients and business associates, has generated an extensive set of local and international contacts, enabling her to help her clients in various spheres, to broaden their horizons and to provide them with comprehensive legal services on complex and cross-continental matters.


Owing to her experience in the public sector and in the field of administrative law, Advocate Rashkovsky handles Petitions to the High Court of Justice and Administrative Petitions in the public sector, as well as advising on the drafting of various draft laws (Parliamentary Bills)


By reason of her familiarity with the various  areas of law, her deep understanding of the business world and the public sector and other supplementary areas, her connections and the vast knowledge she possesses, the way is paved for Advocate Rashkovsky and for her clients to achieve the effective resolution of various disputes, along with a deep strategic analysis and achieving a creative solution to complex issues, all after having identified the special needs of each individual client, and by commitment, devotion, speed, meticulousness.  uncompromising quality of work and availability on a 24/7 basis.


She has served previously, as Chief of Staff to the Minister of Immigration and Absorption, and numbered among her clients are leading figures in the business sector and in the private and political arenas (Israeli and International), including business people in Israel and overseas, shareholders, private and public companies, non-profit societies,  Government  Ministers, Knesset Members, political parties in Israel, and municipal authorities, local and foreign corporations, national institutions and so forth.


Advocate Rashkovsky is currently serving in the capacity of an emissary to and as a member of the Finance Committee of the World Zionist Organization, as well as a member of the Israel Chamber of Advocates Banking Committee. The Office also works with advisors in a range of sectors in Israel and worldwide, from financial advisors, through media consultants, lobbyists and leading investigation agencies, to translators in all languages.


Advocate Rashkovsky speaks 3 languages fluently at mother-tongue level: Hebrew, Russian and English.   

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