Representation in civil disputes and complicated legal disputes,

with analysis of data

and taking charge of the provision of strategic advice

Civil Law

Civil law incorporates within it a raft of areas that cover the governing of person-to-person relationships, in the context of which Advocate Rashkovsky deals with civil disputes and complicated legal disputes, all with data analysis, providing strategic advice and pre-proceedings preparation of her private and business clients. As part of her experience in civil litigation, Advocate Belkar handles legal proceedings in respect of business and civil disputes, arising from breaches of contract, professional negligence, defamation, protection of privacy, banking disputes, damage to property, disciplinary proceedings etc.

Advocate Rashkovsky represents her clients before all the judicial instances, including the Supreme Court, the High Court of Justice, and various public and governmental committees. The Office also provides comprehensive legal advice over a wide spectrum of activity and at the highest professional standard.

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